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America's Mountain
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter update

A lot has happened since the end of the year when I last posted. Susan contracted shingles January 8. Since it is a nerve virus, it attacks where the nerves are weakest. In her case that is where she had radiation and the initial nerve damage. That set her back physically to the point where she was unable to do any physical therapy. Then of course the insurance company said they could not pay for a rehab facility when she was not doing rehab. So we had to move her to a new facility with literally a day's notice! We were able to get a Medicaid application in and found a nursing home that would accept her with a pending application. She has been there since March 3rd.
Since then she has improved and gained strength enough to start physical therapy again. So at this time, she is making some progress, albeit very slowly. Your continued prayers for her recovery are appreciated.

I found a song that really describes some of how I feel about my lovely wife, so I re-made my anniversary video with the new song. It is called "What are Words" and is sung by Chris Medina - who was on American Idol but gained national attention when his "backstory" came out. His fiance was in a car accident 2 months before they were to be married, and received a brain injury that left her without a lot of capability. He, with the help of her mom, have dedicated themselves to her care and this song was written specifically for him to sing to her.
I've loaded the slide show video to our web site - it takes about 15 seconds to download so be patient.


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  1. simply perfect.

    i hope drew & i can share life and love as well as you and susan do now and have done for so many years.