America's Mountain

America's Mountain
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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year End Update (more)

I finally had a chance to create a video of our trip to see Drew and Jenny at Thanksgiving. It is loaded in the previous post. We all had a great time at Drew and Jenny's lake home. Brett and Julie joined us for the week and Jenny's mom and husband Robert joined us for a few days - coming off the Appalachian Trial where they had been hiking since February!

Susan did well with all the traveling and we managed the airports with no problems.

As many of you already know, December brought some changes - Susan fell down our stairs trying to get to the bathroom. She broke a tooth, got a compression fracture in the 12th thoracic vertebrae, and had some bruises. A trip to the ER ended in a stay in the hospital. Then the docs and nurses determined that she needed some concentrated therapy and constant care. We were able to get in to the Life Care Center of Colorado Springs where she is getting physical therapy each day as well as some occupational therapy and full time care.

As of the end of the year, she is doing well, gaining strength and balance and getting good reports from her therapists. It is still slow going and she'll probably be there through January, but progress is good.

Since this is supposedly a "camping blog" I should say that we are planning for a fairly normal camping season next summer. We already have reservations at Cheyenne Mtn SP at the beginning of May, a Trailmanor Owners group trip in May, a trip planned to Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills over Memorial Day, and a trip to Mueller SP at the end of June. We have more planned and will be making reservations as they open up.

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